Frequently Asked Questions

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I have a resume in NEworks. Does it need to be searchable and online in order to qualify for benefits?

Yes, your resume must be searchable by employers in order to meet eligibility requirements. 

What reemployment activities do I need to complete to meet eligibility requirements?

Five reemployment activities must be completed per benefit week in order to remain eligible for Unemployment Benefits, and two of the activities must be job applications. Acceptable activities include but are not limited to: attending a Reemployment Session with the Nebraska Department of Labor; conducting work searches using internet job banks; applying for a job through, another job bank, or an employer’s website; attending a job fair, resume writing class, job skills class, job club, or sponsored networking event in your occupation or industry; and joining a professional organization in your occupation or industry. You can find a complete list of acceptable reemployment activities online at

I accepted a new job. Can I claim unemployment until I start?

Yes. You may claim benefits until you start your new job. Log into your NEworks account and upload a letter from your new employer indicating the start date. The letter will be reviewed to determine if you meet the conditions for waiver of job search requirements. Continue to search for work until notified by NDOL that the requirement is waived. Contact NDOL if you have questions about claiming benefits until you start your job, or if you are unsure whether you are required to search for work.

If my new job is part time, will I still qualify for unemployment benefits after I go back to work?

Eligibility is determined on a case by case basis. If you start a new part-time job, you must report your wages earned when filing weekly claims.  Report wages when they are earned, not when you are paid.  If your earnings are less than your weekly benefit amount, you may remain eligible.  However, you are required to complete reemployment activities and keep your resume online and searchable in NEworks if your weekly benefit amount is based on full-time employment. 

What if my layoff is only temporary? Do I need to complete reemployment activities?

Indicate the date you are returning to work when filing your new claim or reopening the claim. Unless your employer has confirmed that you will return to work within 16 weeks of your layoff, you are required to have a searchable online resume and log reemployment activities each week. 

What if my employer changes the date that I am going back to work?

If your employer extends the date beyond 16 weeks, they should fill out a request to extend the return-to-work date using the extension form at at least two weeks prior to the end of the 16-week attachment period.  If the extension is not approved, you will need to upload a searchable, online resume in NEworks and complete reemployment activities in order to remain eligible for benefits.  Two of the activities must be job applications.