Required Reemployment Activities

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Reemployment Activities

Five of the following reemployment activities must be completed per benefit week in order to remain eligible for Unemployment Benefits. At least two of the five reemployment activities must be applications for suitable work as defined by Neb. Rev. Stat. § 48-628.15(5). 

  1. Attending a Nebraska Reemployment Services Session with the Nebraska Department of Labor.
  2. Conducting work searches using internet job banks as well as professional/trade publications (provide the site searched and the date the web site was accessed).
  3. Applying to a job posting through the Nebraska Department of Labor’s web application for reemployment services (
  4. Applying to a job posting through an Internet job bank or directly through an employer’s website (provide proof of the date of application and job applied for).
  5. Attending a resume writing class for the purpose of preparing or revising a resume for submission to a job posting. 
  6. Attending job seeking skills classes, workshops, or job clubs.
  7. Meeting with a career counselor.
  8. Attending a sponsored networking event in your occupational field or industry.
  9. Attending a job fair.
  10. Joining a professional organization in your occupation field or industry.
  11. Taking a civil service exam.
  12. Taking a pre-employment exam, at the request of an employer.
  13. Taking skills and interests tests sponsored by the Department of Labor, a community college or accredited college or university to identify a new occupational field or industry.
  14. Visiting an employer’s place of business to fill out a job application.
  15. Calling employers to arrange for job interviews.

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