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NEworks integrates job openings posted by Nebraska companies with those found on other online job sites, giving you access to thousands of active, easily searchable listings. And it’s not a one-way street. Proactively posting your resume on NEworks puts you in front of hundreds of employers who are looking for candidates just like you. Ready to get to work? This powerful online resource can help make it happen.

A statewide network of job centers offers career planning, skills assessments, resume assistance, interview prep and more.

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Claim Benefits

Unemployment claims in Nebraska are filed online at NEworks.nebraska.gov

See the instructions below for creating an account, filing a new claim, and certifying eligibility each week.  In-person claim assistance is available at our job centers across the state.

File for Unemployment Insurance Benefits at NEworks.nebraska.gov Frequently Asked Questions Handbook for Unemployed Workers Manual de Seguro de Desempleo para Trabajadores Desempleados Required Reemployment Activities Unemployment Claim Basics Brochure

Important Reminders

Online Searchable Resume Requirement

An online, searchable resume in NEworks is required in order to meet eligibility requirements. See instructions: Putting Your Resume Online

File Weekly Claims

File weekly claims while your new claim is processing and for every week that you are unemployed or working reduced hours. You have from Sunday to Saturday to claim benefits for the previous week. If you don’t file your claim on time, your benefit payments may be affected. 

Read all Communication About Your Claim

Check your email, the NEworks Message Center, telephone messages, and the mail for updates. Keep your contact information current because you’ll receive notices outlining what you need to do to maintain benefit eligibility.