Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is my payment? I have not received a payment since I started filing.

Claims take about 21 days to process. Continue to file weekly claims while your claim is processing so that you receive payment for those weeks if determined eligible. Read all notices issued by the Department of Labor and respond on time when you’re required to do so. If the Department of Labor needs any information to complete the processing of your claim, we will contact you.

How much money will I receive each week?

The maximum weekly benefit amount for 2024 is $546. If you are eligible for benefits, you can view your weekly benefit amount in the NEworks Unemployment Services Claim Summary. You will also receive a notice stating your weekly benefit amount.  You may be eligible for your benefits if any wages earned during that week are less than your weekly benefit amount.

How long will my benefits last?

You may be eligible for up to 26 weeks of benefits during a 12-month period that begins with your claim's effective date. 

How will I receive my payments?

You are required to select a payment method of direct deposit or debit card when filing your initial claim. We do not issue paper checks. Entering inaccurate account information can delay your payments.  If direct deposit is selected, you must enter bank account information.  Funds cannot be deposited on a personal prepaid card if you have selected direct deposit. You can change your payment method by logging into your unemployment claim online at

If debit card is selected, a U.S. Bank ReliaCard®  (VISA®  prepaid debit card) will be mailed to you when the claim becomes payable.

When will I receive my debit card?

The U.S. Bank ReliaCard ® debit card is mailed in a plain windowed envelope at the time a claim becomes payable. There is no information on the envelope indicating that a debit card is enclosed. Keep the card and the information that came with the card until the expiration date printed on the card. If your unemployment claim ends and you file a new claim, a new card will be issued even if the previous card has not expired.If you have a change of address, you must update your address in your NEworks account and report your new address to ReliaCard by calling Customer Service at 855-233-8429.

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How can I change my direct deposit bank account information?

You can change your direct deposit information by logging into your unemployment claim online at  Select the Unemployment Services link, then Update Banking Information.

Is federal or state income tax withheld from my benefit payments?

You may elect to have federal and state taxes withheld when filing a new claim. You can start, stop, or change your income tax withholding anytime by logging into your account at  

When will I receive my 1099-G so I can do my taxes?

No later than January 31 each year, NDOL issues IRS Form 1099-G showing the total benefits paid to you for the prior year and the federal and state income taxes withheld. If you elected to receive the 1099-G by mail, it will be sent to your last known address, so keep your address current at You can view and print your 1099-G form online by logging into your account at

Who pays for Unemployment Insurance benefits? 

Benefits are paid from the Nebraska State Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund. The fund is supported solely by a special tax on employers. No deductions are taken from employees’ paychecks for unemployment insurance.