Security Information

The State of Nebraska is committed to ensuring the integrity and security of the information and systems it maintains. The State has taken steps designed to safeguard its telecommunications and computing infrastructure to prevent unauthorized access to internal systems and confidential information. If you have any knowledge of a security breach or potential security breach, please contact us at

State of the Art SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Encryption - This enables the encryption of sensitive information during an online transaction. Information sent via SSL can no longer be read as plain text.

Security - Hardware and software that controls the data entering and leaving the Nebraska Department of Labor network.

Secure Internal Networks - All data transferred between databases is done via secure FTP or Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to ensure that only authorized users can access the network and no one can intercept data.

Physical Location Security - All physical locations where hardware and software are located are physically secured and only accessible by individuals with proper credentials.

Application Security - A software tool is employed to scan for individual application vulnerabilities.

Sarbanes- Oxley Compliant - Adhere to secure change control procedures.