Approved Training Program

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The Approved Training Program allows the work search requirements for unemployment insurance benefit eligibility to be waived while an unemployed worker attends training/school. In addition to your regular unemployment benefits, you may be eligible to receive up to 26 weeks of additional benefits.
To qualify for the Approved Training Program, an application must be received by the Nebraska Department of Labor. If your decision to attend training depends on training approval, apply at least two weeks before you plan to start school. Do not submit an application until registration for classes has been completed.


Who Can Apply

If you have applied and qualify for unemployment insurance benefits and you are enrolled in full-time post-secondary or vocational training, you may apply for the Approved Training Program.

How to Apply

Complete an online application using the “Apply Online” button to the right.

A printable form is also available. Fill the application out entirely and mail/fax to:

Nebraska Department of Labor

ATTN: UI Benefits Special Programs – Approved Training
P.O. Box 94600
Lincoln, NE 68509-4600

Fax: 402-458-2595

Apply Online

Printable Application