Approved Training Program

Requirements for Approval:

  • Your most recent employment was eliminated as a result of a permanent reduction in business operations or you were separated from a declining occupation.
  • You must be enrolled in a training program when you apply for the Approved Training Program and before your regular benefits end.
  • You must be enrolled in a program related to a field anticipated to have reasonable employment opportunities in the immediate future.
    • To qualify, the training program in which you enroll must give you skills that prepare you for entry into a high-demand occupation. “High Demand” status is based on current labor market information.
    • Basic education that is required as part of skills training may also be approved.
    • Training must be completed within 104 weeks of the date training begins.


Your Responsibilities

  • Continue to file weekly claims for benefits.
  • Maintain satisfactory progress and attendance in the training program.
  • Notify the Approved Training Unit of any breaks in your training that exceed 30 days.
  • Notify the Approved Training Unit of any changes to your student status (e.g. no longer attending, reduced to part-time hours, change of schools, etc.)


Additional Benefits

  • The additional benefit amount cannot exceed the weekly benefit amount for which you have been determined eligible.
  • To receive the additional benefits, you must have been a full-time student under training approval and have drawn at least one week of regular unemployment insurance benefits.
  • Additional benefits are not payable after the training program has ended or the benefit year of the claim has expired.