On-The-Job Training

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Why it Works


On-the-Job training helps jobseekers quickly reenter the workforce while increasing their skills and earning a wage.


Employers recruit more efficiently, hire better-prepared employees who understand workplace expectations, and reduce their training costs. There is no enrollment cost for this program and minimal paperwork required.

How it Works

Employers who are a good fit for on-the-job training enter a training contract with the Nebraska Department of Labor (NDOL). OJT candidates:

  • Cannot have worked at the employer previously
  • Must also work in a full-time position that pays a minimum of $12 hourly

 Eligible Employers are:

  • Private for-profit businesses, private non-profit organizations, or public sector
  • Providing workers compensation
  • Up-to-date on Unemployment Insurance (UI) tax
  • Not debarred or suspended from receiving federal contracts
  • Hiring a worker or multiple workers who were impacted by a layoff

To learn more about OJT’s…

Contact one of our job centers to speak to a workforce coordinator or email NDOL.EconomicTransition@nebraska.gov