Unemployment Insurance Fraud

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Fraud Schemes and Identity Theft

The Nebraska Department of Labor (NDOL) reminds all Nebraska residents to be vigilant and look out for unemployment fraud schemes that continue to be prevalent nationwide. These include identity theft scams and fraudsters posing as state workforce agencies to solicit personally identifiable information for the purpose of collecting unemployment benefits.

Nebraskan residents should be on the lookout for notices indicating a claim was filed in their name. Anyone who receives a written determination letter from NDOL, but did not apply for unemployment benefits, should immediately report the incident. A special email was established for identity theft discovered through 1099 tax forms. Any individual who received a 1099-G from NDOL, but did not file an unemployment claim, should report suspected fraud by emailing NDOL.1099fraud@nebraska.gov and filing a police report.

NDOL does NOT use text messages to issue determinations regarding a claim, nor does it contact claimants via social media regarding their claim. Individuals should not give out personal information via social media and messaging platforms. Individuals should only interact with NDOL’s official Facebook page, which has a blue checkmark certifying the authenticity of the page. Anyone who comes across an imposter Facebook page or fraudulent message of any kind should report the incident.

A new federal requirement for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) is to verify self-employment and identity of claimants. Even if a claim was previously approved, each claimant will be asked to provide additional information. NEworks.nebraska.gov upgrades frequently to increase system security and deter fraud.

What is a Money Mule?

A money mule is a person who is used by criminals to commit financial fraud. A mule uses various methods to move funds for criminals, and helps criminals receive stolen money through various scams, such as business email compromise, romance scams, lottery scams, and unemployment insurance (UI) fraud. These fraud schemes often involve the use of a victim’s stolen identity. Learn more

To prevent fraudsters from accessing personal NEworks account information, consider the following password safety best practices:

  • Choose a strong password or passphrase and challenge questions.
  • Avoid reusing passwords.
  • Update passwords regularly.
  • Do not share passwords or account information with others.
  • Use only trusted devices to access accounts.
  • Password-protect your home internet and only connect to well-known or reputable WiFi hotspots when in public.
  • Always sign out of NEworks once you are finished with your session.

Resources for reporting fraud:

Internal Revenue Service: Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft

Federal Trade Commission: Identity Theft Information

US Department of Justice: Disaster Complaint Form

US Department of Labor: Money Mule Complaints