Name Description Effective Date
Appeal Tribunal
Claimant's Notice of Appeal
Claimant's Request to Reconsider
Claimant's Telephone Information Return Form
Labor Market Information
Industry Verification Form, BLS 3023-NVS
Multiple Worksite Report - BLS 3020
OEWS BLS survey 10/07/2022
Labor Standards
Contractor Registration Act Fees CRA fees 12/01/2020
Farm Labor Contractor Application
Professional Employer Application (PEO)
Reemployment Services
Fidelity Bond Grant Manual
Use of ARPA 2021 Funds Allocated to NDOL Under LB 1014e ARPA Fund Use 06/21/2024
Worker Training Program Guidelines 07/01/2022
Unemployment Insurance - Benefits
COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Covid-19 11/19/2021
Federal Benefit Overpayment Waiver 07/21/2021
Good Cause for Additional Time for Filing Required Documents Under the PUA Program Good Cause Late PUA Documents 03/18/2021
Guard Pay Guard Pay 05/12/2020
Individuals Attached to Regular Jobs, Union, or Industry 06/18/2024
PUA Eligibility in Accordance with UIPL 16-20, Change 5 PUA Eligibility 03/23/2021
Refusal Of Work Refusal Of Work
Remuneration to Election Workers Remuneration to Election Workers 04/07/2020
Requalification for Unemployment Insurance Benefits Following Voluntary Quit without Good Cause
Request for Extension to Worker Attachment Due to abnormal circumstances, a two-week extension of attachment beyond the initial 16 week period may be granted.
Separation From Most Recent Insured Employer Separation From Most Recent Insured Employer 07/21/2022
Unemployment Insurance Benefits: Voluntary Separation to Attend School
Work Search Requirements for Extended Benefits (EB) Work Search EB 07/02/2020
Unemployment Insurance - Tax
(UIF01) Application for UI Tax Account Number 02/13/2015
(UIF37) Employer's Report on Change of Ownership 04/23/2015
(UILIAB) Unemployment Tax Fact Sheet 03/22/2017
Combined Tax Rate (10/31/2018) 10/31/2018
Election of Annual Payment of Combined Tax 01/01/2020
Treatment of Quarterly Tax and Wage Reports for Quarter 4 of 2021 and Payment of Combined Taxes - March 7, 2022 Extension 02/28/2022