NEworks Outage

Release Date: 6/28/2022


LINCOLN - The website is currently unavailable as the result of a national outage involving NDOL’s web vendor: Geographic Solutions, Inc (GSI). GSI discovered a cyberattack that required its state labor exchange and unemployment claims systems to be taken offline. GSI is working around the clock to restore access to its systems as soon as possible.

GSI has not provided a projected date for when the outage will be resolved, but indicated that the site will be down for at least the next two days. NDOL is in constant communication with GSI and will provide an updated timeline when available.

This outage will not prevent otherwise eligible claimants from receiving unemployment insurance benefits. For NEworks users who filed weekly certifications prior to the system outage but have not yet received payment, NDOL will prioritize ensuring that payments are issued promptly once the NEworks website is back online. For users who have not yet filed a weekly certification, NDOL will issue further instructions once access to the NEworks site has been restored to ensure all eligible users have an opportunity to file claims.

GSI has indicated this attack affected only access to GSI online systems and there is no evidence of any user data being compromised.

NDOL will continue to issue updates as we know more information.