Unemployment Fraud Report Form

The Nebraska Department of Labor aggressively investigates all fraud tips and complaints. Examples of fraud include turning down job offers to collect benefits, claiming benefits while incarcerated, filing a claim in someone else’s name, and failing to report wages while claiming.

If you believe you are a victim of fraud, or need to report someone you suspect may be committing fraud, submit the form below. If identity theft is suspected, your name and contact information are required. Identity theft victims should also file a police report.

(Must include if reporting an incident of identity theft.)

I received a notice on a claim that I did not file (provide claimant ID from notice in details).

I believe a claim filed in my name is fraudulent.

I am reporting someone for committing unemployment insurance fraud.

Please provide details regarding the reason(s) you believe fraud has occurred. Include as much specific information as possible. If you are reporting an individual, please provide as much identifying information as possible. If you received a notice about a claim you did not file, provide as much information about the notice as possible.